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Important Festival Links

Concert Festival Registration

Registration will begin for our 2019 Festival on 1/2/19.

Cost to participate in our Concert Festival is $300.00 with late registration fee of $350.00.

As in the past, registration will be done electronically.

To make it easy for people to signup for our festivals, you will need to create a MICCA Account that you will use for the Concert & Choral Festivals and also the Solo & Ensemble Festival registration that begins in the Spring.

When you first enter our registration area you will be asked if you are not yet registered. EVERYONE must create an account their first time in. We recommend you choose something easy to remember for your username and password as you will be using this account for all MICCA sponsored registrations in the future. Once your account is created you will then be sent to a Congratulations page with a link so you can login and register your groups. If you have an account from years past you can use that account Username and Password information.

When you login you will see your CONSOLE on the right hand side of the screen. Here you will find the links to Modify Your Contact Info, in case your phone or e-mail changes for example, Register New Band, Register New Chorus, and your Log Out links.

Once you have groups registered, you will see them show up in your Console area on the right. By clicking on the group names you will be taken to the information you have submitted for each of these groups. You can change any information about these groups at any time, such as number of students, grades involved, or if you will be attending the Gold Medal Showcase performance. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE THE TIME YOU HAVE CHOSEN FOR YOUR GROUP ONCE IT IS SELECTED! In order to print out your PRINCIPAL FORM click on your groups name in the Console area and you will see the Principal Form link on the right.

Like before, you must mail in your Check or PO to the Festival Chairperson before you will be able to select your performance times. Once received, MICCA will then e-mail you that your groups have been "unlocked". The Select Time link will now show up in your groups Console. To select your groups performance time click on your groups name in the Console area and then click on the Slect Time link on the right.

Times will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that registration does not become official until a purchase order or check and form with principal's signature is received by the Festival Chairperson.

Things to be considered:
A) You cannot change the time once you choose it.

B) If you have more than one group, you must put a minimum of three groups between each one to accommodate the clinic, the photograph, and the opportunity to warm-up.

C) The shaded boxes on the Venue Selection page are the time slots that will have an orchestral judge available. If you want to be sure you are going to be judged by an orchestral judge, please select one of these times. Remember, time slot selection is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This year MICCA is pleased to announce two String-Preferred days. There will be two string adjudicators at Lexington High School on Friday, March 23 and two string adjudicators at Foxborough High School on Saturday, March 24. By selecting a grey time when you register you will be guaranteed both string adjudicators on your panel, and a string adjudicator in your clinic.

As a result there will be no string adjudicators at King Philip Regional High School on Friday, and no string adjudicator at Bellingham High School on Saturday. Band directors that select a performance slot designated for string groups before February 1st will have their performance time moved to ensure that these slots are available for orchestra directors.

D) Elementary and middle school ensembles are not required to attend the added Elementary/Middle School venue at King Philip Regional High School. King Philip is for ONLY elementary and middle school groups.

Please note: If you are running a MAC you must use Safari, Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape.