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MICCA Executive Board 2013-2014

Our eboard is comprised of many individuals who have done a lot for the music education of our students.

Josh Wolloff

Steven Yavarow

Vice President
David Gresko

Jeffrey Leonard

Ryan Dexter

Gold Medal Showcase Chairperson
Aaron Bush

Marching Band Chairperson
Steve Conant

Asst. Marching Band Chairperson
Rob Wheeler

Co-Chair Concert Festival
Michael Keough

Co-Chair Concert Festival
Karen Forrest

Co-Chair Choral Festival
Ryan DeWolfe

Co-Chair Choral Festival
Chris Martin

Co-Chair Solo & Ensemble
David Daquil

Co-Chair Solo & Ensemble
Rebecca Makara

Administrative Liaison

Task Force Chairperson
Cami Tedoldi

Web Site Designer
Cara Mulcahy

All-State Clinics Coordinator
Matthew Finnegan

Public Relations
Vicki M. Garino

Chief Judge
Donald MacTaggart

Southeast District Rep.
Tom Rizzo

Commission Works Project Chairperson
Position Vacant
Central District Rep.
Marie Forte

Western District Rep.
Taryn Smith

Eastern District Rep.
Paul Pitts

Northeast District Rep.
Megan Riccio

Summer Institute Rep.
Jason Bielik