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Gold Medal Showcase

MICCA, with the support of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Mechanics Hall, will sponsor its 18th annual Gold Medal Showcase in the spring of 2016. Ensembles that earn a gold medal rating at the 2016 MICCA Concert and Choral Festivals will be invited to perform at either Mechanics Hall on Sunday, April 9th, 2017 or Symphony Hall on Saturday, April 15th, 2017. A compact disc recording of each group will be created and distributed to the director immediately following their group's performance. There is no admission charge for audience members.

MICCA's first "Stars at Symphony" took place in 1999 at Symphony Hall. The response was so overwhelming that the necessity to expand to a second venue became immediately apparent. Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood opened its doors to MICCA in 2000. Then due to construction constraints, we moved the second venue to Mechanics Hall in 2005. All venues have been operating at capacity since.

Whether your school's ensembles are performing or not, the Gold Medal Showcases performances are exceptional showcases of Massachusetts' young musical talent. Join us for two days of superior music at world class venues.

Aaron Bush
Gold Medal Showcase Chairperson