Choral Festival Awards Ceremony Information
MICCA takes great pride in its ability to offer an educationally based, non-competitive festival experience where ensembles are judged against a performance standard by nationally acclaimed adjudicators. We believe the results of every group should be celebrated, and we are happy to recognize the efforts of all students and their directors publicly during an awards ceremony.

The MICCA Festival Awards Ceremony offers an opportunity for advocacy and celebration. While the MICCA Festival offers a different experience than competitive or sweepstake style festivals, we believe the Awards Ceremony is a valuable part of the MICCA Experience. We strongly encourage all directors to use the Concert Festival Performance Rubric during rehearsals prior to the Festival so that your students may gain the most out of the Festival experience and take pride in their ensemble's rating.

Awards Ceremony for the 2023 MICCA Concert & Choral Festival will be suspended. Scoring sheets, plaques and director materials will be presented to each ensemble as quickly as possible. Although there is no Awards Ceremony in 2023, ensembles are still invited to watch performances in the venue. Please note that only directors, chaperones and students will be allowed in the warm-up and clinic rooms for the 2023 Festivals. No audience members will be allowed to view the clinic unless it occurs on stage in the performance venue.

Sara Durkin
Choral Festival Chairperson

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  • 2024 - April 5 - 7, 2024
    2025 - April 4 - 6, 2025
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