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In order to best serve music educators around the state, the MICCA Executive Board formed a Subcommittee to review Festival policies and protocols. The subcommittee has met periodically over the Spring and Summer to ensure that the Concert & Choral Festivals uphold the philosophies of the past, while acknowledging the challenges of the present. We have prepared a Google Slideshow to let you know where we stand for the 2022 festivals.

The MICCA Executive Board

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Concert Festival 2022 - Info will come later!
It is the purpose of the Massachusetts Instrumental & Choral Conductor's Association to encourage and support high performance standards by high school, middle school, and elementary school musical organizations. MICCA Concert Festivals encourages the improvement of an ensemble's musical standards by providing musical adjudication by highly qualified adjudicators. Attendance at a festival also affords organizations an opportunity to hear performances by other groups and experience the presentation of a wide variety of musical literature.

The public is welcome at all sites to hear the performances. There is a $10.00 admission charge for adults. Seniors and Students are admitted for $5.00. The one-time admission is valid at all choral and instrumental sites throughout the weekend. There are refreshments for sale at all sites as well.

Please note, each ensemble can have 4 free admissions into the festival for chaperones and each bus driver is also given free admission.

Each group will be allotted a 30-minute time slot to perform three selections. Please see the Performance Requirements/Policies page for specific information.

Each group will receive a 25-minute clinic from one of the adjudicators, as well as score sheets from each of the adjudicators, recorded adjudicators' comments and a performance recording.

Please note: Certain time slots (shown in grey when you choose a time) are designated as “string-sensitive,” where string ensembles will have the opportunity to work with a string specialist adjudicator for their clinic. In addition, we offer string-preferred dates, the Foxborough Site on Saturday and the Belmont Site on Friday, offer string ensembles the opportunity to have two string adjudicators to be present on the adjudication panel.

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Future Dates
  • 2022 - April 1-3, 2022
  • 2023 - March 31-April 2, 2023
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