Gold Medal Showcase Registration
Directors will initially be asked about the availability/preferred location of their groups for the showcase when they submit their performance repertoire. If a group receives a gold medal, the director will be asked to confirm the original preference given at the festival site. If directors are unsure of the availability of their groups, they will have till 3:00 on Wednesday, April 5th to update their availability with Gold Medal Showcase co-chair, Jason Bielik via email. Every attempt will be made to honor preferences of location, but if a significant majority of groups choose a specific site, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. A schedule will be sent to all groups by the end of the day on Thursday, April 6th.

The following is the selection process:

Gold Medal recipients will be placed into their respective pools. The ensembles will be divided up as follows:
Elementary/Middle School Choirs
Elementary/Middle School Orchestras/Bands
High School Choirs
High School Orchestras
High School Bands

The numbers and types of groups that perform at each site will be determined by the results of the festival and the time allotment for each site will be based on gold medal distribution. For example, if 20% of all gold medals are awarded to high school choirs then 20% of time at Symphony Hall will be allotted for high school choirs. Since 20% equals 4 performance slots, 4 names will be randomly drawn from the high school choir pool. The remaining choirs will be scheduled at Mechanics Hall if they have indicated on their forms that they are available for the other site. Schools having multiple gold medal groups need to be aware that there may be split locations for the Gold Medal Showcase performance.
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