MICCA Policies
1. Concert, Choral, and Solo & Ensemble Festival
     A. Weather/Cancellation Policy
          i. In the event a participant in a MICCA Festival is unable to perform due to iunforseen circumstances, yet the site hosting the festival remains open, the participant will forfeit all fees. Said fees are allocated towards the operating costs of the festival and are not recoverable.
          ii. In the event that MICCA needs to cancel a festival, all of the fees will be refunded.

     B.No Show
          i.If a participant is scheduled for an evaluation at a festival, and does not show up, said fees encumbered (PO's Checks, Cash) are forfeited. Said fees are allocated towards the operating costs of holding the festival and are not recoverable.

     C. Group Cancellation
          i. A group may cancel and recover all fees if the cancellation is made prior to the registration deadline.

     D. Non-Payment of Fees
          i. All financial obligations from a school district must be met prior to any future MICCA registrations. Groups from a school district will not be able to register for any MICCA sponsored events until all outstanding fees are paid. There are no exceptions.

     E. Festival Registration Policy
          i. In state groups/individuals will have first priority when scheduling for any of the festivals. Out of state groups/individuals may register for the MICCA festivals only after instate groups have completed the selection process.

     F. No student is allowed to drive to any of our festivals. If transportation is not provided by the school, a parent or an adult approved by the school is allowed to drive students to the festivals.

2. District and Preview Marching Festivals
     A. Weather Cancellation
          i. See the Concert, Choral, and Solo & Ensemble weather policy above.
          ii. In the event of inclement weather, and field conditions make it impossible for groups to perform, groups will be evaluated in a stand-still performance at an on-site indoor location.

     B. No Show
          i. See Concert, Choral, and Solo & Ensemble Policy above

     C. Group Cancellation
          i. See Concert, Choral, and Solo & Ensemble Policy above

     D. Non-Payment of Fees
          i. See Concert, Choral, and Solo & Ensemble Policy above

3. Showcase Events
     A. Out of State participants receiving a gold medal at a MICCA Festival are eligible to perform at our showcase events (Symphony Hall, Mechanics Hall, Solo & Ensemble Honors Concert). The out-of-state participants will be charged a fee based on the operating cost of the event.

4. Registration
     A. All registrations for any MICCA Festivals or events must have a principal's signature from that school. Registration forms will not be accepted without a principal's signature.
     B. Site Hosts will receive one waiver of registration fees for each day hosting an event.

5. Participation
     A. In order for a student to participate in a MICCA sponsored event, the school, which the participants are enrolled, must submit a registration form signed by its principal.