The MICCA Free Mentor Program
The MICCA Free Mentor Program is a resource for all music educators. It is the goal of MICCA to offer top-flight clinicians from within the region who will come to your school and work with your program. This service is sponsored by MICCA and costs the educator nothing

We will have two deadlines for 2023-24 Free Mentor Program applications - November 1, 2023 and January 15, 2024 with 10 openings per deadline on a first come; first served basis. Please email Matt Finnegan at to apply for the Free Mentor Program.

The MICCA Free Mentor Program is designed for a clinician to consult with a program or educator. It is important when applying to let us know what you want- describing, in detail, areas in which expertise or support is needed.

MICCA screens all requests at monthly executive board meetings and uses its network of master educators to participate as Mentors. This program (formerly known as the Task Force) has been an underused service and all educators are encouraged to apply.

MICCA has designed the Free Mentor Program to be a tool for directors and teachers to learn and improve techniques of rehearsal, advocate for one's program, as well as work on specific issues. Asking for a clinician to come in to work with your group prior to our festival is not the intent of the Free Mentor Program. Clinicians can work on specific concepts with a group, but a request to have a clinician to come in simply to rehearse a group will be denied. Bringing someone in to rehearse your group is encouraged by MICCA, but not as part of the MICCA Free Mentor Program and will not receive funding.

A small, varied sample of Free Mentor Program requests are below:

  • Clinician to work with a director to develop a series of warm-ups that will build strong voices that deal with pitch, blend, balance, and resonance.
  • Clinician to aid a teacher in learning the secrets and nuances found in the music of Percy Grainger.
  • Clinician to work with a music administrator on creating an after-school lesson program.
  • Development of a parent booster group or exploring the advantages and disadvantages of such groups.
Please consider this information before you submit a request. MICCA applauds your interest in music education and performance.

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