MICCA Solo Festival Spring 2021
MICCA Virtual Solo Festival Registration is open!

The Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association (MICCA) seeks to provide a quality adjudicated performance opportunity for the students of the Commonwealth. Although we can not hold our traditional Solo and Ensemble Festival in person this year, we hope that this virtual format will be beneficial to both students and directors by providing the valuable feedback from qualified MICCA adjudicators that you have come to expect.

The 2021 Solo Festival will be limited to solo winds, strings, percussion and vocal performances. Solo piano, guitar etc. are not allowed. The event will be virtual and students will submit a video recording of their performance. Directors will register and upload videos for each student participating. The videos will be viewed by highly-qualified MICCA adjudicators who will fill out the rubric scoresheet and award a medal classification (ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.). The adjudicator will also provide written feedback on the scoresheet.

All Massachusetts private and public school students are eligible to participate in the 2021 MICCA Solo Festival. Students should apply through their school music teacher.

The cost per solo performance is $25 and the registration window is April 26th - May 10th. Images of checks or purchase orders and principal forms should be uploaded to the registration portal by May 14th. One check per participating school should be submitted. Checks should be made payable to MICCA.

Students will submit an unedited video recording no longer than 10 minutes in length.

Students may perform alone or with an accompaniment track. MICCA does not encourage the use of an in-person accompanist but if one is used, proper safety measures are expected to be followed.

The selection and grade level of solo and/or ensemble literature is left to the discretion of the performer and the educator. There need not be any correlation between the student's age and level of difficulty. The assessment will reflect only the adjudicator's opinion of the quality of each performance and not the level of difficulty of the music selected. Adjudicators may or may not comment on the choice of music but, if he or she does, it is merely to offer guidance in future selections.

Parts/scores do NOT need to be provided.

Students need to submit a video recording for each instrument/voice performance. For each submission a registration fee is required and separate registration.

Each solo performance will create an unlisted video on YouTube. To do this sign-in to YouTube, locate the camera icon in the top-right of the page and follow the prompts for uploading a video.

Students should do the following when making their video:
  • 1. Set up your camera in landscape mode and make sure your face, instrument and hands are all visible in the frame.
  • 2. Start your video by stating your full name, instrument/voice, school and the title/composer of the piece you are performing.
  • 3. Play your piece in one take. (for pieces that have extensive rests, quickly move on to the next sections without much delay) Note: no edits are allowed
  • 4. If you are playing multiple movements, please pause between each.
  • 5. Upload your video to YouTube and provide the link to your director for review and registration. The video should be “Unlisted” (not private).
Other helpful tips:
  • 1. Make sure there is nothing behind you that would be distracting to the adjudicator.
  • 2. Any lighting should come from behind the camera.
  • 3. If you are playing with an accompaniment make sure that the parts are well-balanced. The adjudicator is evaluating the instrumentalist or vocalist so please ensure the solo voice can be heard clearly.
  • 4. Remove/unplug any items from the room that may cause ambient noise.
Directors: Before you upload your videos, please check the sound quality and accuracy of the video guidelines.

Directors will login to the portal to receive a copy of the completed rubric score sheets with written comments that they can then share with their students. A medal classification will be given (ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.) and director’s can fill out a form on our website to print off certificates. Click here for the new 2021 MICCA Solo rubric.

April 26th - May 10th - registration and video upload window open
(you must upload a video at the time of registration)
May 14th- all checks/purchase orders and principal forms must be uploaded
June 3- evaluations returned to directors
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